Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Market 2014 - Stability is key.

Someone asked me recently if Brevard County, Florida home prices were rising fast enough.  My response was the prices were increasing some although not fast.

In the real estate market stability is key whether talking price, interest rates or inventory.

The problems in the market about ten years ago were exacerbated by the uncertainty of what would happen tomorrow.  Additional pressures were applied by investors and speculators.  Home buyers looking for a home to live in were forced to join the fray or risk being priced out for the foreseeable future. 

Then the housing market crashed or, more accurately, corrected.  The charts below show trend lines for Brevard County closed sales and mortgage interest rates.

Single Family Home Sales Brevard County since 2010.   

Produced by Florida REALTORS® with data provided by Florida's multiple listing services


And the trend in interest rates as provided by www.mortgage-x.com


Reproduced with the permission of Mortgage-X.com

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