Monday, June 16, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Neutralize does not mean sanitize.

When sellers are preparing a home for the market they often receive tons of "expert" advice like "de-clutter" and "de-personalize."

While this advice is well intended it needs to be put in an appropriate context - moderation.

An occupied will look lived in.  This is not a problem when selling a house or condo.   Still, it can show off its best features.

De-cluttering does not mean remove everything or most items.  It means to make sure there is not so much furniture the rooms look small.  It means make sure traffic patterns are unobstructed.

It means leaving enough furniture to allow prospective buyers to visualize the space available for their own furniture.  An empty or almost empty house can work against a seller almost as much as an overstuffed house.  Lastly, I am not implying any seller's belongings are clutter.

Neutralize doe not mean sanitize.  By neutralize I mean depersonalize somewhat.  Again, notice the somewhat.  It means do not have so many pictures on the walls it distracts.  It means do not have collections on display so they collectible garner the attention your house should receive.  It means to remove some of the pictures off the refrigerator.  It means open up space on walls.

Neutralize does not mean wipe away all evidence of the existence of a life.  Buyers understand sellers continue to have a life even though it is being disrupted somewhat.

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