Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Dealing with "special" challenges when selling your home...

Unless a house is vacant there are often little challenges that have to be "worked" around.  A few of these "challenges" may involve one or more of these. 

Tenants.  Selling a tenant occupied home can be a real challenge.  A good relationship with your tenant will go a long way to help you sell.  Cooperative tenants make for easier access for showings, a potentially better presentation and less negative talk about the house or neighborhood which sometimes occurs when the tenants don't want to leave.

Pets.  I remember once I was scheduled to show a house with pit bull named "Satan" who would be in his crate.  He wasn't.   So we skipped the house. I love dogs...others don't!  Some people are afraid of dogs. If it has teeth, it has the potential of biting!   What happens if there is an accident?  This is a litigious society. Why open up yourself to a potential lawsuit

Work schedules.  Shift work is common.  Establishing a "published" showing availability and sticking to it will help sellers as well as make for fewer surprises.

Work at Home.  Along with the work schedules mentioned above there are many who work from home.  The nature of the work very often requires an environment where privacy is guaranteed (for example, call center support (medical/financial related jobs) that deal with personal sensitive information).  Again, schedules need to be adhered to in order to work.

These are not the only challenges that must be dealt with when selling a home but they do provide anyone who is considering selling their Viera, Florida home a few points to consider.

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