Monday, September 22, 2014

Sell your home in the fall? Sure, why not?

Fall arrives today.  Some selling their home (or considering selling their home) think the selling season is over for the year.  After all, people move during the summer so the selling season drops off after summer is over.

But not so fast, folks... especially anyone considering selling your Florida home.

Why market your home in the Fall?   As a seller you know your circumstances today.  You know the interest rates today.  

As a seller you know what the market is today.  You know what the home prices are today.  You know what teh competition is today.

Some see the coming holiday season as a barrier ts selling in the Fall.  But those holidays are still at least ten weeks away.   As a seller you have plenty of time before the holiday rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas (both of which can be worked around). 

As a Fall seller you typically will have less competition in the "off season."  Take advantage of this.  As a Florida seller you will have snowbirds and retirees coming into the market.  And first time home buyers shop year round.

Sellers (and real estate agents too!) have no clue what the economy, inventory or the real estate market (including competition) will be next spring.

Selling a home is a year round opportunity if prepared don't need a lot of buyers - you just need one!

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