Sunday, March 29, 2015

How soon should I start looking for a rental home in Brevard County, Florida?

Although I am not in the property management side of the real estate business I do, on occasion, assist owners with tenant placement.  Similarly I do occasionally work with folks looking to rent a house in Central Brevard County.

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with a young family that will be moving to Brevard County, Florida this summer due to a job transfer.  They had just arrived in the area for preliminary check of the layout and were trying to get familiar with the general areas in the county which can be a challenge because of the geography of Brevard County.

Geographically Brevard County is about 80 miles north to south with three major roadways (I-95, US Highway, and Highway A1A) running north to south.   I categorize the areas of Brevard generally as north, central, south and "beach-side"(includes the barrier island of Merritt Island).

The rental market in Brevard County is pretty brisk much like the sales market.  Desirable properties in popular areas do not stay on the market very long.  Just this week I encountered three that had applications in place within the first day or two (some with back up applications on file as well).

So how far in advance should a person start looking for a rental home in Brevard County, Florida?

First of all it is important to remember most home owners/investors do not want their properties sitting vacant waiting for a tenant to move in.  If you look too soon and find a house you want to rent, you are likely going to need to take it soon or perhaps pay a non-refundable deposit if the owner is willing to hold it.

Of course the home may not be available for a month or two as  many owners try to find their next tenants 30-60 days in advance of the current tenants departure.

My suggestion is to give yourself a month.   Requesting an owner allow move in at the beginning of the next month is reasonable. 

One exception to the above involves seasonal rentals.   Start asap as many of the short term rentals are taken a year or more in advance.

Property owners seeking tenant placement services in central Brevard County, Florida, please give me a call or send me an email.  If you're looking for a property management company I would be happy to recommend a local Brevard County property management company.