Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why should a home buyer have their own real estate agent?

The title question does not refer to any of the "certification" programs and initials some real estate agents use for self promotion but rather the services a buyer should expect from the real estate agent assisting them with their home search and ultimate purchase.

First of all, let me point out who is not a buyer's agent....
  • The Listing Agent.  When home owners decide to sell their home they hire a real estate agent whom they pay to sell their house.  
  • The Builder's Representative.   I have done this twice.  No one ever told me when I stopped by the model home that the representative was really on the other side of the table.   so there can be no representation of both sides. 
  • The For Sale By Owner.   I am re-stating the obvious here.  The FSBO is not motivated by looking out for the buyer's interest.
In Florida there is no dual representation.  The representative in the model home is only working for their employer.  Where does the loyalty lie with the listing (seller's) agent?  Who do they work for?

While I am not suggesting a listing agent or builder's agent will intentionally mislead or deceive you I am suggesting you need your own real estate agent. 

When you have your own real estate agent they are working for you and the seller pays the agent you hire to work for you.  Your own real estate agent will work with you to gain an understanding of your needs, circumstances and goals.

Your buyer's agent will be there throughout the process when you look at every home along the way to the closing table.

While I always recommend you call your own agent with questions there is nothing wrong with visiting open houses on your own... just advise the hosting agent you have your own real estate agent. 

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