Thursday, March 12, 2015

Selling Your Florida Home: You Have Three Choices.

When it is time to sell your home there are several choices from which to choose.What are these choices?

DIY:  Do it yourself which is more commonly known by the acronym FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

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Less Than Full Service:    Although known by many names  I like to call it "limited service."  Some other descriptors include MLS entry only and a la carte realty services.  Limited service usually means limited results.

These two routes are often motivated by one thing - saving the real estate fees.  After all, it is really easy to sell a house, right?

Without getting into a discussion on real estate fees let me point out that, like most things in life, real estate fees are negotiable and can vary from agent to agent.  There is no standard fee.

These two methods are often chosen by those who want to manage the transaction completely.  This is not entirely bad when one has the knowledge, experience and time

Tasks involved with managing your own transaction include preparing your home, understanding the competition and establishing a price, marketing, qualifying prospective buyers, providing any mandated disclosures, scheduling showings, negotiations, contracts, inspections, selecting closing agents, and the most important -  safety - your safety as well as the well being of those who walk into your home..  

Full Service:   Finally,  there is the service and peace of mind offered by a full service real estate agent and brokerage. 

The difference between full service and FSBO is much like the difference between taking your car to the dealer and tearing the engine out in your garage

I know many people who can take an engine apart in their garage and achieve perfect results.  But there are many, including me, who know that anything beyond hanging a battery or tire should be handled by the professionals.

When you are to sell your Viera, Florida home, call a full service local expert like Gary Waters at 321-693-3850.