Friday, September 18, 2015

How to NOT sell your home to the buyer who really likes your home!

I hate solicitation calls!   Whether in the real estate business or any other business there is always someone wanting to separate you from your money.

As a Melbourne, Florida real estate agent I am always getting out of area calls.  So when my phone rang early this morning with an unfamiliar zip code I figured it was someone relocating to Florida.  

Instead it was some sales call from California.  

After being grilled for five minutes with nothing but questions and criticism of my current methods of marketing to people who are looking to buy a home in Melbourne, Florida I finally ended the call rather abruptly.  

This caller was a great example of what can happen during the home sale and purchase process. 

I have rarely ever gone on a listing interview where a prospective seller did not boast about their home's positive qualities and characteristics (location, updates, neighbors, schools nearby or whatever).  Sometimes that pride was accompanied by an overly optimistic opinion of their home's worth.

After providing a market analysis and thorough explanation of market conditions the seller usually decides on a reasonable listing price given the competition, circumstances of the sale and the property's qualities (good and bad). 

Once the house is on the market sellers are anxious for showings and excitedly anticipate feedback from showing agents.   (Feedback is rare and the best feedback is an offer.)

One thing I have noticed through the years when working as a seller's agent is when prospective buyers really like a house and a potential offer may be forthcoming more "nitpicking" comments showed up during feedback.  

Many times the criticisms was a "set up" for a lower offer.

And even when negotiations were successful then comes the inspection. While property inspectors are only reporting findings the delivery of these results are often interpreted by sellers as criticism.

This is one of the great challenges when buying or selling a home......criticism and how it is received.

If the ego gets involved (and bruised) then the hopes of a satisfactory closing sink.  You are never going to sell or buy anything if you want to argue.
With the call this morning there was no one between the two parties (yours truly and the anonymous caller) so it ended abruptly.   I still have no idea what the caller was selling or what company they represented (Is expecting an introduction early on asking for too much?)

Fortunately, in the case of buyers and sellers, the real estate professionals involved can be the calming voices
As a matter of practice I never use any method of business generation that involves a technique that will not work on me like cold calling.  I will never bother anyone who visits my website to search homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida.