Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Would a Real Estate Agent Say This? "Anyone can sell their own home."

Thinking about selling your Viera or Melbourne, Florida home?   Why not do it yourself as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)?   After all, anyone can sell their own home, right?

The process is simple.

A seller needs just one buyer with the ability and desire to purchase.  

agent@moving2brveard.comBut, in the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market, having only one buyer trying to buy your home could mean it has not been marketed to the right people.

In the current Florida real estate market, a well maintained, move in ready home that is priced appropriately will likely receive multiple offers.   

While the for sale by owner price may be on target (emailed a real estate agent to get a free market analysis) it could be the right message gets ignored because it is delivered the wrong way (case in point, consider politicians).

Its all about maximizing exposure to the most likely to buyer pool.    

A FSBO seller needs targeted focused marketing to get multiple offers (and the best price).   A focused marketing plan is more than just a sign out front or an advertisement in the Sunday Florida Today real estate section (who reads the Sunday paper anyway?). 

Call a local knowledgeable real estate agent about how they would create a customized marketing plan to effectively market your home.

All homes are not the same.  A cookie cutter marketing plan found on some Internet web site does not always work.

One final word... 
As a FSBO getting a buyer is one thing.  What about the other considerations like your family's safety... the buyer's ability to close....escrow monies and the process?  There are a myriad of issues when selling your home.
Don't minimize the process or the risk.
If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home talk to me about a marketing plan that will create demand.