Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Look Beyond What You See...

Who has not heard these wise words of counsel...Don't look at where you are but where you are going.  These can be encouraging words, for sure.

When working with home buyers I provide similar advice although it is usually re-worded somewhat.   Put into the context of the home buying process it sounds more like "look beyond what you see before you at this time."

What do I mean look beyond?  It is simple...disregard the distractors that really mean very little.

What distractors?

Paint color is one of the most common but it could be that gawd awful wall paper sometimes present.  Or it could be the clutter that makes the room look small.  Or the neglected landscaping that makes you wonder why the homeowner association hasn't done something yet!

Or it could be the filth or smell.  Yes, sometimes people do not clean their house before putting them up for sale...I kid you not!  Of all things one can do to prepare a home for the market the least costly is cleaning!

I have found the ability to look beyond these distractors is a rare trait among the less experienced buyers.

This is not to say the distractors will not be deal killers.   It is just a matter of seeing what can be and not necessarily what is.

It all comes down to what a buyer is seeking in a new home.  If a home buyer has no desire to make any changes whatsoever then the decision is easier.   But if a buyer will consider making some changes then the ability to see what could be is critical.

There are a couple of limiting issues buyers must consider when seeing what could be:
  1. Understand the required skills and time required to take the property where it needs to go, and
  2. Is the available budget sufficient after the cost of buying and moving to allow changes?
Key Point:  Buyers need to understand the impact distractions have on their decision making when shopping for a home.  Just as importantly sellers need to understand the role distractions can play in getting an offer on their house.

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