Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Buying a Home in Florida: Why You Need an Exclusive Buyer's Agent

I recently had a prospective buyer cancel an appointment with me because they had contacted the seller's agent directly after speaking with me.   I am not sure what transpired during the conversation.

The prospect made one comment that got me to writing this: "I don't want to step on the listing agent's toes."   I can appreciate the considerate attitude, for sure.

I have written this multiple times over the past nine years of writing blogs (four of them) about buying and selling homes in central Florida.  

The name on the sign out front works for the SELLER - not youCalling the listing agent is not going to get you a better deal.

I explained that, in Florida, the concept of dual agency is against the law.  In other words a single real estate agent can not represent both sides of the transaction although an agent may provide both parties limited representation as a transaction broker

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So if you are considering buying a home in Viera, Florida get your own agent.  Your Viera, Florida real estate agent should have only your interests at heart.

It is simple.....

While it is possible for an agent to "double end" the transaction (receive commission for buyer and seller) in the end only one side can actually be represented.

The listing real estate agent represents the seller – first and you, hopeful home buyer, last.

If you are selling your Melbourne, Florida home make sure your agent is representing you and not the buyer they bring.  

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