Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: See More Than A House When Shopping for Your Next Home.

Once you buy a house you can't move it...unless its an RV!

While the home purchase process focuses on the physical characteristics of the house buyers must not forget all the things that can't be changed. 

What are some of these unchangeable things?

Schools.   If you have children, not only is school quality what you desire but what about the walk/ride to school?  If your children will be walking or biking to school is the route safe?
Crime Rates.  Many buyers are tempted to ask their real estate agent about crime in the area.  While the agent may know the answer they should really be the source of the source.  In other words, they should direct you to the local law enforcement agency.  Call them up and ask.  They have no reason to be anything but honest!
Commute Times.   Not only is the proximity of schools important but also the commute time to work or other activities you will be frequently engaged in like golf, college campuses or whatever. 
Traffic patterns.  Ease of access to major routes is a lot different than being located on the major route. 
Parks, Playgrounds and Leisure Activity.  While this is close to the commute times mentioned above it is also different.    If you want to take the kids to the park, playground or sports activity it may not be convenient to drive a half hour each way to drop them off for ball practice.

While the specific house is most important for home buyers it is critical to consider the area as well.  Drive the neighborhood and see the things that come with your house - its surroundings!

Finally, investigate these things. Don't take the seller's word that the park is close by, the schools are excellent, etc!    If buyers approach the home buying process with an attitude of "Sellers Disclose, Buyers Verify" there will likely be fewer surprises down the road!

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