Thursday, November 5, 2015

Home Seller Tips: How To Choose The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

Rule Number 1 When Selling Your Home:  Sellers should not list with real estate agents who do not possess local knowledge.

That said, they do.

But I am sure most sellers do not intentionally hire an agent to sell their home who is not a local expert. 

So how does it happen?

There are the obvious contributors to selecting the wrong agent  such as a relative, a friend's brother or sister, your boss' agent... yadda yadda yadda. 

And then some believe what the agents say about themselves.  Many agents promote themselves as the local Brevard County, Florida real estate wonk.   Okay, wonk is my word.

Their preferred word - expert.

With the wide use of the Internet to market properties many agents have expanded their market area beyond the immediate area of their office.   A license to sell real estate is not a license to practice in all areas!   

I see that sometimes in the Brevard County area when agents from the Orlando area list homes here without a great deal of local knowledge.   Combine the out of area agent with an out of area appraiser then things can get a little nervous for sellers and buyers.

Just FYI...offices can join out of area multiple listing services without living in the out of area location.   In fairness to some brokerages the office may be out of the area but they have agents who live and work in the local area (Why not work with locally owned brokerage?)

This is not a "how to interview real estate agents to sell your house" article.  But here are links to some helpful articles to assist with choosing the best agent agent to sell your Melbourne, Florida house.

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