Monday, April 25, 2016

Home Not Selling: Is Price the Only Issue?

If your Viera, Florida home has been on the market for a couple of months you may start thinking it is all about price.  But is it?

When it comes to listing your home for sale will the listing price be what you want or what you can get?   Most of the time these two figures are not exactly equal.

Is your listing price the highest mentioned by one of the real estate agents you interviewed?   And, if it is, did you choose your agent because they uttered THAT price?

When you interview a real estate agent to sell your home the key is to ask the agent for the price they can sell your home for…not what you want.

For the moment consider your list price is realistic, reasonable and within the range of local competition.  The the reason your home is not selling could be something different.

Consider these potential problems:
  • Availability to show.  Are you accommodating reasonable showing requests?  Are there unnecessary restrictions on showing appointments like 24 hours notice or your agent must be present? 
  • Are your neighbors an obstacle?  Sometimes its the house next door, loud music, cars parked in yards or whatever.  Not only are buyers choosing a house they are choosing a neighborhood.
  • Is your house too cluttered to show off its great characteristics. Even a home that is priced appropriately may not shone when it must overcome clutter.  Maybe the house is great but the landscaping sets a negative tone.
If your home is not selling and you are convinced the price is right then get with your real estate agent and search for the answer.  It is there if you look close!

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