Monday, April 4, 2016

Owner Choices Restrict Prospects - Selling Your Viera, Florida Home

Whether selling your Viera, Florida home, or simply looking for a new tenant, the choices you make as a homeowner limit your prospects.

Selling your home requires many choices be made and each one will limit or expand your pool of prospective buyers.  What are some of these choices?

The obvious first choice - price.  A seller can not be forced to accept any offer including a full price offer.  So pricing too low is not really a consideration.  But a choice to price too high will limit your choices on many fronts.

What type of offers to consider?  While cash is good most buyers will be obtaining a mortgage.  Some sellers will limit the choice to convention loans only.  But accepting VA and FHA loans serves to expand the prospective buyer pool.   Each of these loans have some added (minimal) costs for a seller.   There are times when  these loan types are not an option such as when there are physical/structural problems with a home.  If your likely buyer is a first time buyer then FHA (low) and VA (no) with low or no down-payments are important. 

What are your showing requirements?   In order to sell your home has to be seen.  If the hours or days of availability are restricted then some prospective buyers will not be able to see your home due to their schedules.  In our area we have many buyer prospects who are moving to Florida and have a limited schedule.  Within reason, accommodate every reasonable request.

As a property owner some decisions limit your tenant prospects as well although this is not as critical as a seller's choices.  Issues like whether to accept pets, rental price, deposit amounts and the like all impact your prospective tenant pool.  But, compared to the choices made as a seller, these have less impact.

As a property owner make the necessary choices based on your circumstances and property.   However, restrict your prospect pool carefully.  The more prospects, the more competition.

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