Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Home Seller Tips: An open house brings all sorts of unknowns into the process.

There has been a lot of discussion about the benefit of an open house - especially for the seller.   The reality is very few homes are ever sold by the agent at an open house.

Not every house is a candidate for an open house either.  But, if an open house is considered then there are preparations required by sellers and their real estate agent. 

Consider this incident...  "Real estate agent reportedly lets in jewel thieves during open house; $150,000 in loot stolen" 

Among the several thoughts that came to me was Glad it wasn't me!   Some of the other thoughts included 
  • The headline makes it sound like the agent was almost a willing party who "lets in" the crooks.
  • It appears there was only one person on site.
  • The preparation phase was inadequate.
  • You never know who is watching.
I am sure the agent did not open the doors to the thieves on purpose.

An open house brings all sorts of unknowns into the process.   

The neighbors, tire kickers, people just wasting time and an occasional prospective buyer may show up at an open house. Thieves can easily dress up as a buyer and even ask the right questions!

It is incumbent on a listing agent to determine the requirements of the open house and bring additional persons to help in the case of a large property.

Sellers need to be aware that strangers will be perusing their home.   Most real estate agents do not have personal knowledge about the character of the customer.  Sure, the buyers are pre-qualified based on ability to purchase and motivation but anything else is rarely known.

Sellers must prepare for selling by removing or securing valuables especially highly pilferage-able, small items like jewelry, money, laptops, etc.  Sellers should secure items like firearms, medications, and important personal papers (financial, passports, etc).

Finally, the good news...  There was a surveillance system.   Real estate agents and buyers need to always be aware that they are potentially being video-recorded.   In this case the agent did not have to try and explain the missing property!

The seller did indicate that this was his last open house.  His advice - "appointment only.'"  After all, you never know who cometh through the front door!

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