Monday, November 7, 2016

Selling Your Florida Home: The First Step....

Selling a home is a process.  There has been much written about the process.   Once a decision is made to sell your home what is the first step?

Some say it is hire a real estate agent.  Some say prepare your house.  There are probably as many answers and recommendations as there are people!

I say that choosing your real estate agent is the third thing to do.

So what are the first two things to do when getting ready to sell your home?

Number one: Manage the mindset.  Sellers need to change the thinking from selling my home to selling a house.   The house is now someone's future home.  Go ahead and clear the mind so when feedback comes a defensive posture is not assumed.  This is key for the second step.

Number two:  Choose the real estate agent who will sell the house.  Notice "the" house and not "your home."  Part of this process will be require an open and frank discussion about the property condition, competition and market prices.

Step 3:  Know what the next step is going to be.   This does not refer to the step in the closing process but the bigger picture.    Where are you moving?  Where will  you live?  Where is life going? 

Thinking about selling your Melbourne, Florida home?  Call me and lets talk about "the house" and where you are going next!  Call or text me at 321-693-3850.

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