Friday, January 1, 2010

You are ready to be a home owner if....

Everyone remotely involved in the real estate business will be quick to encourage you to buy a house.

It is a great time to purchase…yadda..yadda…yadda… ad infinitum.

Here is the definitive test of whether you are ready to purchase a home. If you are.....

  • desire to become a repairman/handyman
  • ready to spend Saturdays doing lawn work
  • ready to pretend you like your neighbors
  • prefer staying at home waiting on the plumber rather than playing golf
  • no longer desire long vacations
  • are ready to keep abreast of the do it yourself programs on TV
  • can live with getting a new car when you absolutely need it
  • are prepared to become head of your neighborhood watch

These are really meaningless reasons..but the truth is buying a home is a big step and should be entered into with eyes wide open.

You are creating a long term obligation. You are taking on a task that will require you to be vigilant in the upkeep and maintenance. You will be responsible for taxes and insurance.

You will be a proud homeowner!

When you ready in Rockledge and Viera, Florida, call me. I would welcome a chance to help you with this big step!

For a few more reasons why you should become a home owner, read this. Warning, it is intended to be lighthearted as I do have a great personality!

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