Saturday, September 15, 2012

Selling Your Home - Rule Number 1: Your Listing Price Is Always an "As Is" Price

I am sure if a meat market priced hamburger at steak prices someone would eventually buy it.

The reason it may sell could be the buyer may be unaware of the current market price for hamburger.

Or it could be the buyer is in a hurry to make a decision and the timing makes an immediate purchase decision the best move.

Or it could be that money is not an issue.  Of course, I am doubtful that last reason is valid because money is always an issue. 

Now think about pricing your home to sell.

Can you get away with pricing it as if it were something else (or located somewhere else)?

Your listing price should realistically reflect the "as is" condition of your home.  The "as is" condition may indeed be perfect and move in ready.

The "as is" price must take into account any repairs required, if any.  The "as is" price should take into account the competition.

Just as a butcher can't sell hamburger at steak prices, you can't sell a house that is not priced correctly.  Your buyer will be an informed buyer.  Your buyer will comparison shop.