Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes: Relying to Heavily on the Internet.

Online resources are a great thing.  Some people swear by them. Some people swear at them.  But online resources have their limitations.

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Brevard County, Florida  I recommend you take a look at a recent article posted on the CNBC web site titled  "8 biggest mistakes first-time home buyers make."

This informative article includes Internet information among the eight mistakes made by first time home buyers.   As a real estate agent I was not too surprised that this list mentions online resources two times.

According to the article first time buyers put too much faith in online loan information.  While they do say researching online about mortgages is good the best move is to talk with several mortgage loan officers.  I would add several local mortgage loan officers.

The other mistake online resource mistake is placing too much faith in online home values.  I have seen this for years with sellers who take these estimates as "the whole truth and nothing but the truth!"    Real estate markets change and these "values" do not update as quickly.

Whether buyer or seller, as humans, we still want to use the information that supports our position best

My advice is simple.
Research all you want and then when it is time to buy or sell a house, call a human being who knows the area...your local expert.   Any online value estimate without context is of little value (motivation, condition, competition, etc).
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