Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Seller Tips: What is wrong with 700 days on the market?

I just read an article where a buyer was "forced" to see a house that had been on the market for over 700 days.  The buyer's initial response when offered the property as a prospective home to view was "What is wrong?"

Days on the market are often viewed as an indicator of a couple of things.

First, the price is too high!  After all, if it was even near the market there would have been an offer already.  Secondly, there is something really wrong with the property.  It could be structural.  It could be location.  Prospective buyers will lean toward the really negative.

How can you prevent your home from being a 700 day listing?

Buyers are going to judge you in a couple of ways.
  1. First, the price.  If the price is reasonable for your home's age, location, and size, then you have won the half the battle to getting an offer.
  2. The second, and most important way, is by what they see.  Buyers are going to judge you the moment they pull up in front of your house. And whatever they find inside will serve to reinforce that verdict!
The logical strategy then seems pretty simple.  The place to start is with the curb appeal.Landscaping is key.  A clean bright (fresh paint) front door sets the tone.  Clean sidewalks and stain free driveways are a good welcoming path as well!

Once inside light and bright is the rule.  Use only the furniture necessary to allow prospective buyers to "size up" the space.  Your Realtor® can share much more on staging your home for selling!

agent@moving2brevard.comAnd the property mentioned above? 

The buyer bought it.  It had undergone a major renovation and updating during the listing period. So nothing was wrong - except the decision to renovate while trying to sell.  But that is another post.

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