Saturday, August 2, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: How many houses does a buyer need to see?

Shopping for a new house or condo can be exciting as well as time consuming.  In some places Brevard County, Florida (about 75 miles north to south)  it can take a lot of time if  a buyer is unsure about what part of Brevard County, Florida they prefer.

Once a buyer has identified an area(s) to how many homes will one need to look at to find the new home?   That depends on how well buyer requirements have been identified.   Note requirements are not the same as "wants" which are a plus but not a "must have" feature.

A buyers requirements may include things like:
  • the real target area (if not the specific neighborhood at least a general area). 
  • the real budget - not some pre-approved up to maximum amount but what you really are comfortable with spending. 
  • the mandatory "must have" characteristics have been identified. 
  • the time frame will determine whether short sales are a consideration.
  • if condition is a factor (move in ready or if you are willing you do some cosmetic repairs).
The above requirements is not all-inclusive as each buyer is different and will have their own list.

So how many houses will a buyer need to look at to find the one?    It could be the first house or within the first six or it may take a couple of trips.

The number of homes a buyer must look at will be greatly influenced by whether your real estate agent understands the factors you consider most important.

In the current Brevard County, Florida market homes that are price right do not stay on the market long.   There may not be time to sample all the flavors.   Baskin-Robbins is OK with you trying a few flavors but not all 31!

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