Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Words Set Expectations.

I still remember the first time I heard the word euphemism.  It was during a church service in a little town called Lake Butler Florida when I was a boy.   The preacher was relating it to using "substitute words" for the "bad words" you wanted to say!

In the real estate world we have some well known "euphemisms."  What are some of those substitute words meant to avoid using the "bad words?"  I suggest words and phrases like:
  • Classic charmer when there is nothing else positive to say.
  • TLC which very often means "to learn construction" if you want to live here.
  • Cute when no other word in the dictionary is appropriate
  • Cozy takes less space than extremely small like a shoebox.
  • Quaint suggests all original from day. 
  • Handyman's dream needs major rehabilitation.
  • Reduced as in price means closer to reality now that it has been on the market a while! 
  • Motivated is anyone's guess...see this explanation.  
  • Compact means...see cozy above.
How you say it doesn't make a house any different.   It is what it is. 

When you are ready to sell your house disclose flaws or defects and tell it like it is without exaggeration.

Your real estate agent wants to showcase your home's most positive characteristics.   Accurate descriptions will set buyer expectations to where they should be and minimize showings when the buyers are looking for something totally different.

Take this step as your agent's descriptions for substitute words.  Your agent may not want to hurt your feelings.

Further, it will get you home sold more quickly when paired with reasonable pricing and quality photographs

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