Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Its a cash offer so why do I need a "letter?"

I was recently asked by a prospective buyer why I wanted him to obtain a pre-approval letter.  His position was his word was all that I needed that he could afford the house.

First of all, his word is not all I or any other real estate agent will take as proof of ability to pay.   Real estate agents need qualified buyers before they begin showing proeprties.

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Assuming a real estate agent is comfortable a buyer has the funds available there is still a much bigger reason to have a proof of funds or mortgage pre-approval letter.

An offer is only as good as the confidence a seller has that the buyer can really pay. 

For a cash buyer, at a minimum, that evidence should be in the form of a proof of funds letter from a bank or investment company that the buyer has sufficient funds available to make the purchase.  

As a real estate I agent I will very often blacken out the specific dollar amount on the letter provided to the other side but I do only after I have seen the amount.

In the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market the low inventory of move in ready homes in some areas result in multiple offer situations If there is a chance another offer will be competing I encourage buyers to submit the cleanest offer available.  This is not necessarily the highest offer.

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When you are ready to buy a house begin with a plan starting with the ability to pay.

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