Friday, August 15, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Perfection and Pink Flamingos.

In the real estate world perfection is a myth.  There will likely be some things that are less than perfect.  The key is seeing beyond the less than ideal and seeing the possibilities.

While at an appointment yesterday I commented on the bathroom color as a potential negative.  The owner's response was something like
"What do you mean?  Pink paint and flamingo wallpaper?  This is Florida, right?"
This is where I explained how most real estate agents caution their buyers to not become fixated on things that can be easily changed.   The reality is the cosmetic stuff like paint and flooring very often distract prospective buyers from the best qualities a property has to offer.

The challenge to sellers is to set a positive tone for the prospective buyer before they open the front door by paying attention to what buyers see when they pull up out front - flower beds weeded, some fresh flowers planted, a new coat of paint on the front door, pressure washed walkways and green grass should greet your prospective buyers.

Set the the expectation high early and then dazzle when they open the front door. 

No, everyone in Florida does not like pink paint and flamingos in the bathroom or chickens on the wall paper in the kitchen (seen them both lately).

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