Monday, October 27, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Influence the Buyer's Motivation

I have heard it many times. I have read it more times. What is it?  SELLER MOTIVATED!


What motivates a seller?  

It could be the seller has already moved and the house is just sitting with carrying costs accruing (HOA fees, taxes, mortgage payments, insurance, etc.)

It could be the seller is not in a financial position to obtain a new mortgage in the new location until the financial obligation of an existing mortgage is cleared.

It could be changes in life (death in family, loss or change of a job, divorce).  It could be the birth of a child.  It could be retirement.  It could be a combination of several of the above.

Sometimes the words "Seller Motivated"  are tossed about because sellers expect them to be used.   Sometimes the sellers believe they are motivated.

What motivates a buyer?

It could be... less pressing

Most often buyers are not up against a pressing time table.  There is always the option of finding temporary accommodations if moving to a new area.

Still, a buyer's motivation can be changed when they find the right house in the right location at the right price.  The secret to changing a buyer's motivation is simple - present the best deal on the market by pricing for location, condition and competition.

In an ideal world every seller would be motivated as well as every buyer.  And the two shall meet quickly.
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