Thursday, October 2, 2014

Selling your Melbourne, Florida Home - Be Optimistic, Be Realistic.

I am an optimist.

When I work with buyers I take the attitude of "We will find the best house that meets your expectations and budget."

When I work with sellers I take the attitude of "We will sell your house at the best price possible based on your home's location, condition, the circumstances of the sale."

When I see a home that is obviously overpriced for the current market (location, competition, condition) I wonder if the real estate agent has been forthcoming with the realities.  Or, did the agent knowingly list above the market (some do).

I have never had a prospective home seller ask me to mislead them with an overly optimistic inflated market analysis.  That is not to say their expectations were reasonable.

Still, my responsibility when I am invited into a seller's home is to provide an accurate, honest assessment.

That is all anyone really wants - the straight truth

Optimism is a good thing - unless unfounded.

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