Saturday, October 25, 2014

Whether Home Buyer or Seller, This is Real Estate Rule #1: Perception is Reality.


Perception is reality.  While this is probably true about most human experiences, in real estate,  it is rule number one.

The challenge for real estate agents (whether working for the buyer or seller) is to make sure perception does resemble the real reality.  


This is done when a seller's real estate agent recommends preparations to improve property marketing (repairs, staging, pre-listing inspections, etc.).   This is accomplished by providing documentation supporting the current market forces (inventory, competition, price trends, etc.) that will impact the eventual sales price.

Similarly, the buyer's real estate agent provides competitive listings (and sold comparables if it is a serious contender).

Once provided with the realities it is up to the buyer and seller to decide for themselves to buy, sell or walk away.

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