Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: The Perfect Home Exists Once This Decision is Reached.

I recently posted an article about buying the imperfect home.   The discussion focused on buyers coming to a decision about what they are looking for in a home purchase.

To help buyers decide what they want in a home I suggest this break down.
  1. Decide first on the "Must haves."  These include things like location, space requirements (inside and outside), age and type of construction, school district and the like. 
  2. Next consider the "Can't haves."  Just like you must have certain things, there are things you just do not want. Know what these are from the start and share with your Realtor® early to avoid wasting your time.
  3. Lastly are all those "Nice to have items."   While not necessary identify those extras so your Realtor® can include them in the search.  Your Realtor® is the market expert and may just know where to find these as well!
So what decision must be made in order to find the "perfect" home? 

When budget and reality meet the hardest choice buyers must make is deciding what one can live without.   This is the point where the "must have" list is scrubbed to reveal the real must have characteristics.

Yes, nothing is ever perfect but imperfect can work pretty well.

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