Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Who are you going to listen to?

The real estate agent you choose to sell your Melbourne, Florida home will likely make a lot of recommendations. 

Recommendations vary greatly based on the specific property and seller circumstances.  Suggestions may run the entire spectrum from type of sale, listing price/strategies, preparing for the market to whether to have a pre-listing inspection performed.

Sellers should evaluate these recommendations and can choose to act on the recommendations or ignore them.

Sellers hire me because of my expertise in Melbourne, Florida real estate.  Still, I have previously had some sellers choose to ignore my recommendations..... until.
  • Until the issue shows up on a property inspection report and the buyer either walks or requests repairs. 
  • Until the issue shows up on an appraisal or four point inspection.
  • Until showings disappear and no offers arrive.

Sometimes sellers are deaf to their real estate agent but hear quite clearly when the appraiser, inspector or buyer speaks.

As a seller, consider the recommendations of your real estate agent from the beginning rather than waiting to hear it from someone else.   By that time it may have already cost more than the initial expense had an issue been addressed early.

Again I ask, who are you going to listen to?

Ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.  I will provide you a market analysis and recommendations. 

You can chose to accept my recommendations or ignore them.  What do you have to lose...they are free!