Friday, October 2, 2015

Which is better a buyer's agent or seller's agent when selling your home?

I saw the subject question posted on another real estate site earlier this week.   I know few real estate agents who specialize and practice solely in one side of the transaction.

Many sellers choose to use the same agent who sells their home as their buyer's agent for their new home.   Many buyers very often call their buyer's agent later to sell the house they helped them buy. 

The reason these consumers use the same agent for both types of transactions is simple - its all about the agent's skills and trust.

What does a seller want from their real estate agent?

The above graphic says it all.   Prospective sellers should interview several agents and work with the one they trust who can meet their goals in their time-frame - regardless if they are a "buyer's" or "seller's" agent or work with both.  Its experience, professionalism and local knowledge that counts.

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