Thursday, March 11, 2010

Negotiate to Deal, Not to Kill!

I keep reading (and writing) about price...  You know the stuff
  • price it right price it to sell, 
  • price for market, 
  • price for location...
While it is true that price is a primary consideration, in the end a contract (signed by buyer and seller) depends on the two parties coming to a "meeting of the minds!  [As a seller your mind may be a bit frazzled by this point so just hang in there!] 

How does this happen? There are several routes. 

First, the offer shows up so perfect you, as a seller, could have written it yourself.  That rarely happens in this buyers market! 

The most likely route is there will be an offer, somewhat in the area of your reasonable target.  In this case it is time to use your real estate agent as your representative and negotiate to deal, not to kill!

A word to buyers:  Your offer can be a deal killer too! A reasonable offer that gets the parties talking in the appropriate direction for any serious buyer!

Buying and selling...two sides of the same coin... requires a bit of give and take (but not taking advantage!).

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