Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It ain’t selling hot dogs…

If you are selling hot dogs you need to make your pitch to a lot of hungry people.   How does the hot dog vendor succeed in reaching the targeted buyers?

The first thing is pretty logical...They set up shop where they will get noticed by the buyer. 

If you are considering selling your Viera, Rockledge or Suntree home or condo, you need exposure...where the buyers are looking.

Where are the buyers looking?  Although some may drive by your home and see a sign most prospective buyers will not go that route.  Although some may read the real estate ads in the newspaper or one of those magazines, most don't.  Although some may even stop by your home during an open house, most don't.

The number one place buyers are congregating.... on the Internet.

To effectively market your home requires the use of multiple marketing methods (including those mentioned above)  all centered around the Internet.

If you are considering selling your Rockledge, Viera or Suntree house or condo, call or email me to discuss how I can work with you to meet your goals.