Thursday, June 21, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home - The Paranoid Seller

I affectionately call them paranoid sellers which may not be an accurate description at all.

Who are “they?”
  • They may be the sellers who will not allow an electronic lock box to be placed on their home.  
  • They may be the sellers who must have their real estate agent be present to “bird dog” any prospective buyers who view their home.
  • They may be the sellers who will not allow a sign in the yard because the neighbors might get nosy...and heaven forbid an open house where the neighbors may come inside!
I am not exactly sure who “they” are but one thing I do know is…

“They” are not really interested in selling their home!

To sell your home it must be accessible to prospective buyers when they want to see it…even when you are going out of town for a long weekend!

Next weekend my out of town buyers will not be here or, if I am lucky, will have already placed an offer on a home we will see this Saturday!