Sunday, June 23, 2013

Khaki pants are timeless, wallpaper is not!

I previewed a house this morning that, although older, had supposedly benefited from "some updating."  After I left I had only one question...

What updating?

I have run into this before in the form of "newer" air conditioners or roofs.   A lot of these cases refer to roofing that was replaced after our last bout of hurricanes back in 2004.

When it comes to selling a home the recentness (is that a word?) of updates makes a difference to the buyer and in the price.  

If you are considering updating your house before selling it I suggest you take a look at probably the most important two areas of a home - the kitchen and the bathrooms (especially the master suite).

And the updates do not have to be major or costly.  Look at counter surfaces, appliances, re-facing cabinets and the like as potential targets. Lastly, paint and wall paper tastes seem to change more quickly than many other components.    Leave the 70s in the 70s, please! 

A decade ago I wore khaki pants.  I wear khaki pants today as well which is quite alright because....  Khaki pants are timeless, wallpaper is not!

Back to the "some updating" comment in the real estate advertising.  Perhaps the term they should use is "relatively newer!"