Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is the real estate market saying?

The Brevard County, Florida market is now a seller's market.   Buyers are learning that to buy now means competing with others.

It seems there are always a couple of buyers for every property my customers find they really like.  So far this month the average days on the market for closed sales in Brevard County is 77 days (median 34 days).  Properties are not sitting.

As for prices consider this, residential sales in Brevard County during June 1-19, 2012 , the average selling price was $154,510.  For the same period this year it is $164,719.

I am not the real estate whisperer but if I could hear the market speaking I think the words would be something like this...
  • If you are serious about buying make the offer now or it will be gone.
  • If you are making an offer, make it a serious offer with as few contingencies as required.
  • Sellers looking to move up should sell now and buy the replacement property before prices increase further.
  • Sellers looking to downsize, the time is right.
  • Interest rates favor the buyer now but who knows about next month, next year?
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