Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Choosing your real estate agent: The Biggest Mistake a Seller can make...

Comparing real estate agents to sell your Viera Florida home, involves (or should) an evaluation of the real estate agents in multiple areas.  Sometimes sellers will base their decision on only one or two points.

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The biggest mistake in selecting a real estate agent to sell your Viera home is to make the choice based on which agent told you to list your Viera home for the highest price.

As a seller it is always nice to hear someone throw out a high price but a high price without supporting data is just a number.

Another factor that should never be the major determinant when you sell your Viera, Florida home is the commission charged.

A discounted commission means very little if your home will not sell with discounted service.

Your real estate agent should earn the money you will be paying them to sell your Viera, Florida home.

Don't look at any commission fee without a marketing plan to go with it.  Know what your real estate agent will be doing to earn their fee.

Here are a few articles on how to choose a real estate agent.

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