Monday, November 25, 2013

The Decision to Buy a House: If not now, when?

Eventually the leap will be much that fence, that is.

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I read an article yesterday that quoted someone who said something to the effect that "if I had bought this house 15 years ago, it would be worth  XXX dollars!"  What they should have said is "I am glad I finally bought my house!"

The long term appreciation of real estate is almost a given.  Over time the value hopefully increases but not at a meteoric pace like it did about 8-10 years ago.

There will be dips just as there will upward spurts.

Statements such as the "if" comment mentioned happen routinely in many different contexts.  People say it when referring to their health (should have exercised, should have quit smoking, should have git that screening exam, etc).   I  hear some say it in reference to having gotten out of the military after so many years....if I had stayed in the military I would have been retired by now.

The key is not would, should or could.  The key is doing something now.

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