Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home Seller Tips: All about value, not just price..

The number one rule in real estate is this...Sellers always want more money while buyers always want to pay less.

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Prospective buyers always ask the same question first...What is the price?   But the answer to this question alone does not determine whether a person buys anything.

A price is really impersonal.   It is an assigned number.  It may or may not have a rational basis.

So what determines if a person will buy anything?   It is simply the value one assigns to an object that decides whether they make a purchase.  

As a real estate agent in Viera, Florida I help my customers identify their target property through a variety of tools including lots of questions.  And when we find "the home" I work with them to understand the potential value they will receive from the purchase.

This value may have multiple components like future property appreciation, market trends (increasing prices), available choices (shrinking inventory), time frame or some intangibles like emotions.

After all, it is all about value and not just a price.