Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Secret to Negotiating a Home Purchase (or Sale)

As a Brevard County, Florida real estate agent my job is to help buyers find their perfect Brevard County, Florida home and then get them the house at the best price possible.

When working with sellers my job is to get the seller the best price possible. 

Whether working for buyer or seller this process involves negotiation.  

Still, as a buyer's representative, sometimes there will be no negotiation even after the perfect house has been located.  No matter how skilled I may be at the art of negotiation unless a prospective buyer is being realistic some sellers will never sell at what a buyer "thinks" is a good price.   The definition of "good" often varies greatly.

Buyers need to see themselves from the seller's perspective.  Would they sell their own home for such a deep discount? 

Similarly, sellers need to consider this....would they really pay that much for this house (if they did not already own it)?

The secret to negotiating a home purchase is this.... having a let's talk offer on the table.

The secret to negotiating a home sale is this... having a let's talk counteroffer on the table.

Whether buyer or seller, the OBR method is the best pricing strategy.   Optimistic But Realistic supported by market data.

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