Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Language of Real Estate Agents - What it "may" mean...

The Language of Real Estate (Agents) - What it really means.

Sometimes real estate agents, in an effort to "not hurt the seller's feelings" will use words to describe properties that are a little ambiguous.   I am all for being kind to all living things.

But sometimes they leave buyers walking away pondering "what were they thinking?"

Value in the land...could mean bring the bulldozer.  Waiting for your personal touch...means the owner has made a mess.  Seller will entertain all offers...means bring an offer and maybe the seller will come down to reality.

Sometimes the words are used in combination.  Think, "Danger Will Robinson!"    For example, charm could mean small or if paired with another word such as vintage then small with outdated everything.
 A few of my favorites involve the ambiguous descriptors "fixer upper" and "TLC."   Needs TLC could mean minor repairs or its ugly cousin need "to learn construction."

What is a "fixer upper?"  That depends on the individual. I have met some buyers who considered a fixer upper to be anything over a couple of years old.   At the other extreme I have met some who see fixer upper as a bad case of TLC required.

By the way, just bring your toothbrush means...not a fixer upper!

(This is a tongue in cheek, lighthearted look at the words real estate agents sometimes use in listing narratives.)

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