Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why did that real estate agent ask me all those questions?

Busy doesn't earn money.  Busy doing the right things does.

Buyers, sellers and renters need to understand how real estate agents work and get paid.  Agents need to learn early on how to work and get paid...not just be busy.

Being a real estate agent is a real job.  The illusion of some is quite different.

It is not the glamorous job where one drives around in a fancy car stopping to eating lunch at the golf club and closing a deal with a big payday.

Real estate agents work hard for every dollar they make. That is the reason why you will likely a lot of questions call a real estate agent.

Why write this?   Because most consumers do not understand how real estate agents work.

Yesterday I received a call from someone who wanted to see a rental property.  Regardless if one is a prospective buyer, seller or renter, I ask questions.

In this case it was a simple "when" question.  The caller was in a lease until April.  This is January. An owner is not going to rent in January to someone starting in April.  And for me, going to show the property would have made me busy with no prospect of getting paid.

If you are a prospective buyer I will ask you questions.  Questions may be about mortgage approval.  Questions may involve credit scores.  Questions may involve "when" a purchase will be made. 

The questions all revolve around the ability purchase a home.  Anyone can look at houses, but if they cannot buy, the real estate agent is just being busy.

If you are a seller, questions will center around why you are selling, how much money you expect to get from the cell, and your timeline (when, again).

So why ask all the questions?  It's because being a busy real estate agent does not pay the bills unless a transaction happens.

Busy is good.  Busy, productive, income producing, that is why you get questions.

Thinking about buying or selling your Brevard County, Florida home?  Please call me as I am never too busy to help you when you are ready to act!