Monday, June 20, 2016

But It is the Seller's Fault!

I have been hosting open houses more frequently lately to provide the best exposure of my sellers in light of the lower  inventory level of homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida.   And there are certainly benefits to the open houses, for sure.

Still, some people who are looking at homes for sale  are the most negative people I have ever met.  
My term of endearment for them - Negative Nellie.  Many of these exhibit the same state -
  • denial a home in the neighborhood could be priced so high...
  • denial that home prices in their budget can't be found in the area... 
  • denial that home prices increased more than 15% in the last year....
  • denial that the market is a seller's market.  [Inventory is about 90 days which typically means seller's market.   In Brevard County it is a seller's market.... more buyers shopping for fewer homes available.]
As I address these folks concerns about the real estate market and trends I try my best to convey that it is not a specific seller's fault. 

Just as when it was a buyer's market with falling prices I reminded sellers that it isn't the buyer's fault their home's value was lower.

Still, it is what it is...the real estate market.     There will always be negative folks.