Friday, June 11, 2010

HOAs - You Either Love'em or Hate'em!

I heard some lady call in to a morning talk show this week and express her position that the housing market went down hill because code enforcement is so popular.

Not sure of the reasoning here but it probably is somewhere along the lines of "1+1 should equal 3 if I want it to be so!"

I heard another caller this morning complaining about all the rules and how an owner should have the ability to whatever they desire to “their house!”

There are areas in Brevard County where you do have such freedom – within reason.

Two of the most popular areas Viera and Suntree, both planned unit developments in central Brevard County, have rules that limit things like house color, trucks in driveway, parking on the streets, etc. Each individual must judge the merits of associations and decide whether they can live within such restriction.

It is something you have to accept to purchase in these areas.  

I do realize that some developments have more stringent rules than others and differing enforcement efforts. If you are looking for a home in an area with no association rules, let me know. There are plenty of them.

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