Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Seller Tips: When it is time to sell, become "no one."

As I entered a home for sale yesterday and noticed the multicolored walls I thought to myself...Wow, so colorful!

Personalizing is part of living!

Your surroundings and possessions represent who you are as a person.

This includes your clothes, transportation and your home.

Still when the time comes to sell become "no one."

Lose your identity.

What should a seller do to prepare a home for selling?   There are lots of components to preparation but one of the most critical involves presentation including neutral colors and removing clutter.

That highly personalized paint is best if covered with something in a neutral, light hue.  All those degrees on the wall, the pictures everywhere, the items on display should be minimized.  You are selling your home not you.   Show your home, not your everything!

Become "no one" while selling...it is only temporary!

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