Monday, October 28, 2013

Relocation Help: When should you place your Viera, Florida home on the market?

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A job relocation can be as easy as packing the car and leaving or the complete opposite.   In the latter case there are lots of things to get done.

So what do you do first?  The old standby response here...It depends.
  • on whether the family is moving together.  
  • on whether there is a house to sell.  
  • on whether one must sell the current home to purchase a new home at the new location.
  • on whether you will be holding onto your home as a rental property in anticipation of a return to the area.
  • on whether you are upside down and a short sale could be a consideration.
Based on all the considerations above the time frame may be very short or six months or longer!

Assuming you are going to sell your Viera, Florida home, when do you start the process?

The first question to ask is "How long does it take to sell a home in today's Brevard County, Florida real estate market?"  

Over the past month or two the average days on the market for central Brevard County areas including Viera, Suntree and Rockledge has been about 90 days.

The days on the market is the number of days from listing to contract.

Depending on the circumstances of the sale the time to close once the contract has been signed by all parties can vary greatly.  It could be
  • a couple of weeks or less for a cash sale; 
  • a month to six weeks for financing; 
  • or another six months for a short sale.
So when should you place your home on the market?  Another ambiguous response...It is hard to say. 

I recommend contacting a local knowledgeable real estate agent as soon as you know a move is in the future.  It is much better to start early than wait until the last minute.

If a move is in your future, call me at 321-693-3850 and lets talk about timing.  If it is a potential short sale it is critical to start early!