Sunday, October 20, 2013

Viera, Florida Homes For Sale: How do buyers choose between equally nice properties?

100_3671The little rascal on the right is my Boston Terrier, Diesel Dog.  He likes to play - all the time!   While tossing around tennis balls I decided to throw two at the same time and see which one he would select.

They both look the same on the outside. They have the same characteristics.  When tossed they were in the same area.  Which would he choose?  

This is very similar to my experience with home buyers in Viera, Florida..

Many of the homes look very similar.  While there are custom homes and semi custom homes, many are cookie cutter homes.   I have never had a customer ask me which one I would choose although they have asked which area is "best" (avoid this potential trap).

Decisions are always made by the buyer (seller).

So, how do buyers choose between equally nice properties?  Sure, price, condition, neighborhood (location), and other characteristics are important but sometimes I think it is the "intangibles!" 

It really is not which house in Viera, Florida my client chooses but the fact they choose one! 

By the way, Diesel chose the yellow ball.