Thursday, October 31, 2013

Upgraded, New and Other Ambiguous Real Estate Terms....

One of the most common words I see in real estate narratives is "upgraded."  And its definition varies greatly from seller to seller.

In some cases I have seen it used instead of the word updated.  (And updated very often could have been ten years ago!)

In some cases it is used to indicate a product that is a level above the standard.   This seems pretty common with many of the builder add on incentives I have seen in the Viera, Florida area.

As a buyer you need to see it to determine the value of an upgrade.   In the case of a builder it could be reflected  as "$10,000 in upgrades" with  "retail" prices quoted.

Another over used word is "new."   New implies what?  Recent comes to my mind.

Sometimes new really should be "newer" as within the past year or two....not decade.

When it comes to shopping for a home buyers should pay less attention to the words used and rely on their eyes as well as the eyes of their home inspector. 

So where do you start when you are ready to buy a home in Brevard County, Florida?  Right here.