Saturday, October 3, 2015

Because you closed a deal does not mean they will ever call on you again! Customers have choices.

The stories are legendary when it comes to poor customer service received at DMV offices.  I suggest the same can be said about cable companies.

Just last week I had one of those experiences at a local Brevard County, Florida cable company.  Without detailing the experience suffice it to say that it was not without hassle.  In the end we left with the service we intended to get although the process was less than ideal. 

As a consumer I recognized what I considered to be poor service or, at a minimum, a customer service experience that was below my expectations.

As one who is in the customer service business I take such experiences and treat them as opportunities to review my own methods and practices.

So what are my lessons learned from one afternoon in the cable office?

1.  Understand what your customer is seeking.   Do not assume the consumer has a thorough knowledge of your products, services and the processes involved.
2.  Deliver what you say and confirm your customer understood and got answers to their questions.
3.  Use language and terms you are certain your customer understands.  It is really easy to use the language of your trade (doctors, real estate, legal, construction, etc).
4.  Never assume all is well because one of the parties to the transaction understands!  Above all else this was particularly the worst part of the experience cable experience where the clerk remarked "That is OK, your husband understands."  If your customer ever feels like you are being condescending it should be game over.
5.  Know who the decision maker really is.   See point number four.
6.  There are always other options.  In this case the product was cable services and not real estate.  Unlike cable and cell phone, I know I am not the only real estate agent in Brevard County, Florida and must be customer focused - always.
In real estate just because you closed a deal with a consumer does not mean they will ever call on you again or recommend you to another consumer.

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