Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Expired means "participated."

A month or so ago there was a lot of conversation regarding kids receiving trophies for participating in some event or team sport.  One story that garnered the most attention was about James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers giving his children's participation trophies back.

And then just this morning I saw the new Kia automobile advertisement about participation.  The point made was very strong.  Watch the Kia "participation" commercial here.

Sometimes participation is not recognized equally. 

Such is the case in real estate. 

To participate successfully a home gets sold for the most money possible for a home's condition, location and the circumstances of the sale.

If trophies for participation are given out in real estate for participation they would go to "expired listings."  A listing expires for multiple reasons although, in my opinion, it is a pricing issue.

The root of the pricing issue may be the seller motivation, poor real estate agent choice or possibly a problem with presentation (availability for showing, staging, preparation).

Regardless of reason expired means "participated."

I am not advocating a wining at all cost approach to everything in life.  Each individual must decide whether participation in anything is enough for them.

Home owners do not hire real estate agents just so they can participate in the real estate marketing process.  And no professional real estate agent gets paid for participating only but rather particpating successfully (winning).

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